Monday, June 14, 2010

Kokuyo Gold Thumbtacks

Stationery giant Kokuyo is best known for its notepads and paper products, but strolling around Kinokuniya recently I found their office products as well. I was very taken by these round, gold thumbtacks with serrated edging and flat tops. For some time now I have wanted to tack some photos to my work bulletin board, but didn't want to use the plastic darts common to office supply rooms. These are elegant, and the tacktool that came with it was a well though out detail--all for $2.25.

Since 2002 the company has sponsored the Kokuyo Design Award, and international competition that seeks to commercialize outstanding product designs presented from designers and users worldwide. The Kokuyo Beetle Tip 3 Way Highlighter was one of the 2007 Award winners.

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  1. These are purty!! I could have used these in the late 60's, early 70's for all the posters I had on my walls! ha, ha