Friday, October 23, 2009

De Atramentis Bordeaux Red Ink

Art Brown International Pen Shop is now carrying the De Atramentis inks, a German brand that arrived about two weeks ago. They brought a few dozen colors to the 2009 New York City Pen Show, but not the wine-based or scented inks. Several colors really caught my eye (a teal that was almost neon), but unfortunately others got there before me. One color that I was interested in was Bordeaux Red, possibly because of the color or because of the name.

The Bordeaux Red has a definite muddiness to it, so it's not as bright or true as Noodler's Widowmaker. That said, while I didn't think much of it in a fine point pen I did like writing with it in a medium point fountain pen, my Faber-Castell Ambition. The color seemed to stand out on the paper, definitely more a bordeaux red than a claret that needs decanting. If you're interested in a subtler red, this is definitely a color to consider.


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  2. I'm starting to like this color. I picked up a signo in bordeau black. I've even found one of the new Tul pens in the same color, although none of them are labeled a specific color. My wife has promptly taken both pens for her journal. I'm considering picking this up as part of her anniversary present. Thanks for the review!

  3. I found that colour really cool. It seems so alive. And it seems so perfect for writing special notes.