Thursday, October 29, 2009

Creative Essentials Jumbo Lap Desk

I tend to read and write sitting in a very comfortable chair rather than at a table or desk, which is a problem if I'm writing because of the lack of surface area to use as backing. I'd been thinking of getting a lap desk, but either didn't like the styles or the price, or both. On a recent trip to Borders I finally found a lap desk I liked aesthetically and price-wise: the Creative Essentials Jumbo LapDesk.

The LapDesk, which is available at Barnes and Noble, Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, and other retailers, looks like a giant clipboard. There's a clip on the side for holding papers or notepads; organizer trays for pens, pencils, flash drives, whatever; and the back lap pads contain microbeads designed to divert heat and keep the desk and your lap cooler if you're using this with a laptop computer. Prices vary from about $15 to $19, making this both a great buy and exactly the style I want in a lapdesk.

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