Monday, February 27, 2012

Lamy CP1 Titanium Fountain Pen

I love slim fountain pens that fit snugly in my hand, so the Lamy CP1 Titanium Fountain Pen was certainly on my list to add to my collection.

This is a light-weight pen with a sleek design: the titanium body has a matte black lacquer finish, an impressive brushed steel clip, and a thin, pointy polished steel nib. The fine nib writes more like a medium to my eye, but other than that it's a great writing instrument.

If you like to post your cap, that detail seems to add to the overall appeal of the pen as it makes it seem slimmer yet more substantial at the same time. And if you are interested in details, on the side of the clip is the word "Lamy", while under the clip it says "Germany."

The CP1 also comes with a converter so you don't have to remember to get one, and the stainless steel case is an added bonus.

Overall this is a beautiful fountain pen at a very good price, and if you are looking for something slim and sleek the Lamy CP1 fits that description perfectly.


  1. Great review. Love the looks of that pen. As a lefty, I am terrified of fountain pens. Too many times have I tried one only to find the ink dries at a snail's pace. They make your writing look so much more important though, haha!

  2. Yes, fountain pens can be a problem for southpaws. I think Karen Doherty of Exaclair/Exacompta (and main Rhodia supplier to the blogs, lol) posted about this over at Rhodia Drive a few years back. The advice she got was to use a fine nib (Japanese fines would be excellent, but Western could work as well), and to also use quick drying ink. Both suggestions worked out well, as I recall.

  3. You should try a blak nib. It becomes a lot pretier.

  4. has an article on writing for lefties. Jack/Youngstown


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