Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lost Crates February 2012 @LostCrates

This latest Lost Crates shipment has some interesting information on the enclosed note card describing the items: the retail price of the selection. That is a great detail to add, because too often I'm wondering how much something would cost me in a store and whether the items enclosed are actually worth the price of the monthly subscription. Good idea, guys and gals!

Just an FYI that Lost Crates has some new ideas coming out soon, and from the written description they are fantastic. The reveal is in a few days, and I can't wait to see some of their new Lost Crates.

This month includes:

a Cracked Designs "Miss You" card, which is cute but just a bit thoughtless (the front of the card shows a gun target and the shooter "missed you" I would gather--yes it's a card, but I'm not sure I want to send that idea out in the world, that I missed shooting you in the stomach.). Retail price of $3.50.

Paper and Type Little Notes, tiny note cards with prompts inside that help you express yourself. Retail price of $5.00.

a Kaweco ballpoint pen, dark brown and perfect for a pocket. Retail price of $22.

BanditApple Carnet, a notebook they discovered in South Korea and not found in the US, quite a nice design on the cover and an unusual shape. Retail price was crossed out and the word "priceless" inserted--quite possibly so.

Knock Knock To-Do Pad, which is big enough for all my notes and scribbles. Retail price of $8.


  1. I should be getting my crate tomorrow. I'll let you know what is in it.

  2. I got the same things this month, except the BanditApple Carnet had a different color and design on it. I agree about the "missing you" card. But overall, I enjoyed the rest of the contents. Where are you hearing/reading that they will be changing some things?

  3. OK so got mine this afternoon, Kaweco Sport ball point (no box), peper and type little notes (Please Note:), Golden Frog Badnitapple Carnet notebook, cracked designs, miss you and the knock knock to-do pad.

    I love the Kaweco pens. going to have to order the clip for it. would have liked the push button version, but quite happy with the one I received.

  4. Hey Cari,

    Jack here over at Lost Crates. We're not changing our service, but expanding it to better serve you. Can't wait to show you what we've been working on the past couple of months. Stay tuned in the next week or so...


  5. I got the same stuff too along with a different Banditapple cover.

  6. I would be overtly paranoid that the stuff I would receive I would hate. The surprise factor would drive me crazy. Awesome awesome concept though. I can see why its so successful. Looks like you scored some cool, albeit off the wall, stuff.