Friday, January 6, 2012

Millimeter Milligram Notebooks

These are from a small accessories shop nearby that mostly carries jewelry and notecards, but near the front were these two journals from Millimeter Milligram of Korea.

The smaller gray is a 7 space notebook measuring 4.75 by 7 inches. Half the page is blank, the other half has 7 nicely-space (6mm) lines so you can write and draw on each page to your heart's content. The bright red lines really stand out on the cream colored paper, which is heavy (about 80gsm) and very smooth--a bit like vellum.

The larger brown notebook 5.75 by almost 8.25 inches, with a medium-weight cardboard stock for the cover and slightly thinner cream notepaper. Again, the bright green lines look great on the deep cream paper, an all around pleasing combination. I haven't tried either notebook yet, so I can't say how they will hold up against different inks. My guess is that they'll be okay, not necessarily in the Rhodia-great category but certainly not newsprint-flimsy either.

Where to buy? Online you can find MMMG products at Poketo, the overseas distributor for the US and Canada. I've also read Kinokuniya may stock these, so if you have a store near you they may carry some of the notebooks.


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