Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Colorsharp Metallic Markers

Another Target purchase, and something I don't tend to use much but liked the look of, was this set of Colorsharp Metallic permanent markers. While they strive to imitate Sharpie, the Write Dudes don't quite make it on at least one important level: the tip of the marker is spongy, not firm like a Sharpie, so you can't really write with these. They are more for writing large letters or for coloring a lot of space, but not really for smaller, finer work that requires a firm-tip marker.

That said, the colors are really beautiful, especially the two greens. Including gold and silver in the set may be considered cheating (they are metallic by their nature, not by chemical wizardry) but the other colors really are nicely metallic with looking harsh or cheap. Eight different markers for around $5 is a great bargain, though I'm not sure how I'm going to use these (playtime in my blank notebooks most like it).

EP of Economy Pens has several posts on Write Dudes highlighters and pens, take a look if you're interested in more from this line.