Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lost Crates March 2012 @LostCrates

This month's Lost Crates Stationery choice is called Jetsetter, and focuses on travel-themed items.

From top clockwise:

Albertine Press Jet Set Cards, a set of 8 note cards with complementary envelopes featuring collages of vintage stamps from around the world.

Contexture Designs Map Notebook featuring a cover made from a map, and using a very nice cream/ivory blank paper that's about 80gsm and feels fountain pen friendly.

A very cute handmade Cracked Designs card featuring a map of North America with a red string and two small fasteners so you can map your journey across the US, Canada or upper Mexico.

Finally, a set of Forest Choice colored pencils manufactured from certified incense-cedar.

Excellent choices, and I especially like that Map Notebook. What was in your delivery this month?


  1. Albertine Press cards are also sold through On Paper in Columbus, OH. I ordered some Crane cards through OP: energetic people, and very good service. They sell online.

    I needed stationery to replace the postcards I'd used for years. The very occasional thank-you note, and so on. Unlined Mead paper and envelopes, the drug store stuff, work surprisingly well. I also bought dead-plain Crane and Original Crown Mill correspondence cards. They suggest that you care about the person you're writing to, without overplaying your hand--all that with initials, borders, embossing, etc. On Paper and Swisher Pens. Jack/Youngstown

  2. I received the exact same items. It's a nice collection this month.

  3. It appears as if everyone gets the same crate every month now?

  4. Yup - they are actually announcing the contents on the site.

    I think my favorite items this time are the letterpress cards and the map card.


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