Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Levenger Decathlon Pen @Levenger

Work and knitting are keeping me busy, though I've got some new posts on the way, hope to have them up soon.

The new Levenger catalog came, and I noticed their new Decathlon pens (ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain). The deep wine-colored resin coupled with the 10-faceted barrel reminds me of the Nakaya Decapod Aka-tamenuri series.

This looks like a beautiful addition to Levenger's collection, and I am definitely marking this on my "would be nice" list. Thoughts?


  1. The L-Tech Stealth Fountain looks really nice! And I'd put graphite in the True Writer Highlighter in a second, would be awesome to draw with... looks like a yellow hot-rod!
    Great stuff!

  2. Hey Diane!
    Are you going to the L.I pen show this weekend? I'm going to try to make it there... keeping my fingers crossed. something always comes up!

    Tom, NYC

  3. I was thinking of it but am not sure if I will be going or not. If I do, it will be on Sunday.

  4. Yeah, me too. Sunday is the only day that'll work for me.