Wednesday, July 13, 2011

STAD Pencil Holder With Eraser

I saw this set of STAD pencil holders at Kinokuniya and was taken by the design, a long silver holder with a large pink eraser on the end.

It's simple, yet it has some complexity to it: the top piece unscrews and the pencil slides in (there are cuts on the side so the holder can expand if the pencil has a bigger diameter than normal), then the top screws back on to secure the pencil.

I don't have any pencil stubs to try with these, so I had to make due with almost full-sized pencils. I like the large eraser on the end, but it does make the pencil holder look more at home in a grade-school than a corporate setting.

While this looks bulky (the eraser on the holder is about twice the size of a standard pencil eraser), it doesn't feel that way. The silver metal looks thin but it isn't--I've applied pressure to try and dent them a bit and can't do it. I imagine I'd have to step on one to really do some damage, so they are as sturdy as they look.

I don't see them at Kinokuniya's online store, Maido, but JetPens has a STAD One Push Pencil Holder available. Unfortunately these may be a "bricks and mortar store" only item, which is a pity as they are definitely fun to have around.


  1. I've never seen these before but I actually like how shiny and polished they are. I'm not sure how comfortable they would be to use but I like the look!

  2. I like the silver shine as well. And for some reason they look like something a grade-schooler would use (the extra big eraser is what does it). I think the STAD line is for students, which would make sense then.

  3. I bought a couple of those in the same shop. I live in NYC too and go to Kinokuniya often. I rather like the oversized eraser- but then I enjoy the whole school house aesthetic.

  4. WHY Is No one Selling these on Ebay Yet ??? is Capitalism Truly Dead :( .......