Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Musical Ferris Wheel

Back in Pennsylvania last weekend, a friend and I were wandering through a farmer's market when I came across this old kiddie ride. It's battered and scratched but still working, although the sign on it noting the 50 pound weight limit says something about modern life. I remember this from my own childhood, and while I don't think I ever rode on this when I was a kiddie I do remember the horses and cars and stuff we used to play on outside various markets and stores.


  1. I have a picture of me as a toddler in one of those things! Except the one I was in was perhaps an older one repainted with a Chuck E. Cheese theme :p

  2. We didn't have fine dining like that in PA when I was growing up, it was Yocco's for hot dogs or MickeyD. ;)

  3. Q-Mart? Oh - and it was Potsie's for me, never Yoccos. (w/ chocolate milk of course!)

  4. The weight limit, if it's meaningful, says more about the condition of the machine. It's not imposed by the company that made it, and if the mechanical bits are in good shape they easily work with 150-pound teenagers.

    There is one of these in the kiddie arcade at Salem Willows in Massachusetts, in very good condition. It is as much fun as riding around in a 4-foot circle can possibly be.

    I haven't seen the CEC version ("Billy Bob's Musical Ferris Wheel") in person yet, but plenty of references online.