Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Musical Ferris Wheel

Back in Pennsylvania last weekend, a friend and I were wandering through a farmer's market when I came across this old kiddie ride. It's battered and scratched but still working, although the sign on it noting the 50 pound weight limit says something about modern life. I remember this from my own childhood, and while I don't think I ever rode on this when I was a kiddie I do remember the horses and cars and stuff we used to play on outside various markets and stores.


  1. I have a picture of me as a toddler in one of those things! Except the one I was in was perhaps an older one repainted with a Chuck E. Cheese theme :p

  2. We didn't have fine dining like that in PA when I was growing up, it was Yocco's for hot dogs or MickeyD. ;)

  3. Q-Mart? Oh - and it was Potsie's for me, never Yoccos. (w/ chocolate milk of course!)