Monday, September 13, 2010

Uni-Ball Vision Elite with Blue Black Ink

The uni-ball Vision Elite gel ink pen is a standard at my office, we all love it's smooth flow and milky-white-gray good looks. The silver accents give this pen a coolness that's akin to wintergreen mint, refreshing and surprising. So when I was browsing through the office pens at Art Brown I was struck by the color of the rounded plastic cap and took a closer look. This Vision Elite has blue-black ink, one of my favorite gel ink colors so I had to get it and see how well it does.

In a word, excellent. The line is about a 0.5m and thick, the ink flows well and dries fast, and the color is unusual. Writing with my black and blue gel ink pens makes this one stand out, and that's sometimes what I need when taking notes and highlighting different ideas. So this will go into my rotation, along with my Burgundy Sarasa and a few others.

(The notepad is a large Rhodia Le Carre)

1 comment:

  1. Great pen, the milky-white-gray barrel looks good and the fantastic black-blue ink writes very well.
    In Australia the white barrel is 0.8mm while the black-silver barrel version is 0.5mm although that doesn't really matter as the refills are inter-changable.