Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Maker's Notebook

While visiting a friend in Brooklyn I stopped by Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store to check out the Field Notes Brand stock (got the last NY State Fair three-pack!), the Moleskines, and anything new. What caught my eye immediately was this beautiful Cyan Blue Maker's Notebook, a 150 page hard-cover journal created by the people at Make Magazine.

The engineering graph paper is great for diagrams, calculations, notes, doodles, or whatever you want to record, and the notebook includes 20 pages of reference material for electronics, conversions, caffeine comparison charts, and other equally vital information.

You can also label the spine, which has a large white rectangular space for dates, thoughts, numbers, whatever.

The white grid on the cover and the red elastic band and ribbon marker make this a tri-color delight of a notebook. The Maker's Notebook is $19.95 so it's comparable to a Moleskine or Rhodia Webbie; the notebook does lie flat, and it's much bigger than other large notebooks, measuring 6.25 x 9.25 x 0.50.

The pages are numbered, and each page has a blank heading that lists the project name, date, sign or note, and a place to link project/related pages ("From Page___, to Page___). There's also a two-page ruled Table of Contents.

Definitely check out the comments at the website, the second one in particular has a short list of errors in various drawings (such as page 161, the Basic DMM Circuit Tests, which is above)).

The notebook also features a back pocket, like a Moleskine, as well as two sheets of stickers with such lines as "If You Can't Open It, You Don't Own It" and "Harmless Science Project" to paste where you see fit. My favorite is "Need Sanity Check" and I might have that blown up into a poster.

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