Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Line Width Comparison

Zuzu had an interesting question about the Uni-Ball Super Ink 0.7mm pen reviewed below, whether the line seemed thinner--more like a 0.5mm. So I grabbed a few different pens, some gel ink, some ballpoint, and one of my fountain pens, and ran some lines to take a look.

The 8 pens are:

1. Rotring Surf medium nib fountain pen

2. Tombow 0.5mm rollerball

3. Pilot G-Knock 0.7mm

4. Uni-Ball Super Ink 0.7mm

5. Pilot Hit-Tec 0.5mm needle point

6. Muji ballpoint 0.5mm

7. Muji gel ink 0.5mm

8. Muji gel ink 0.38mm

On the paper (with my nose pressed up to the pad of Doane grid + lines), the thinnest lines look like 5 and 8, the Hi-Tec needle point and Muji gel ink 0.38mm respectively. The two widest seem to be 1 and 2, the Rotring medium nib and the Tombow 0.5mm rollerball. The Uni-Ball Super Ink (4) looks similar to 5, 6, 7, 8. Now I'm thinking I need to pull out a few 1.0mm pens to really get a look at them. But from what I can see in the pic, line width is definitely varied among different manufacturers even when they are all supposedly the same size point. Comments are definitely welcome.