Tuesday, April 13, 2010

East Village Estates

At 14th Street just east of Third Avenue is an empty lot that extends all the way to 13th Street. In the summer it's filled with wild strawberry plants, and ususally you just pass by on the way to the Dunkin Donuts or KFC down the block. But some wag decided to comment on the sub-prime/housing/financial crisis that we've all been living through the past 2-3 years by "building" the East Village Estates, a series of housing units for the neighborhood's furry friends. Who, when you think about it, have as much income as some past NINJA (no income, no job, no assets) home buyers. And no, the economic mess we're seeing wasn't necessarily (all) their fault.

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  1. Thanks for this snapshot of Big City life. (BTW-I haven't forgotten my look at pencil extenders, PB. Bad touch of the lazies.)