Friday, April 18, 2014

Hello? Did You Hear About Pelikan Hubs Sign Up?

This came my way via P2B2 (Pocket Blonde's Partner Bill) and I thought I'd share it with whoever is still around, while I work on some new posts (Baron Fig, anyone?) and remember how this bloggy stuff goes.  Thanks to the last one out who turned off the lights, my bad. :)

Pelikan seems to be very excited about their clear green M205 and 2014 Garnet Edelstein ink, with good reason--the fountain pen is beautiful and doesn't look like a highlighter, unlike the yellow one (which I love, btw!).  The garnet ink looks...drinkable, really, kind of Elizabeth Bathory if that's not too macabre.  And a cool green notebook, free for getting together with other Pelikan fans, is my idea of a great night.

Go sign up, and for those in NYC let's try to meet up for guns and and games.


  1. GREAT to see you posting again Diane!!!!
    Tom, NYC

  2. I invite you to me on my blog. Greetings from Poland!

  3. Wow! This one can almost glow in the dark!

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  5. I love the packaging for this product.

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  7. Wow! This one can almost glow in the dark!

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