Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fabriano EcoQua Notepad

Found these interesting Fabriano EcoQua notebooks at an art supply store near Fashion Institute of Technology, and had to try them out.  There were several sizes, but the A5 is my favorite as it fits neatly in my book bag.  It also has enough space for working out knitting patterns or whatever else is on my mind.  The cover is a heavy scratch-resistant stock, 290 gsm ecological paper. I'm interested to see how well it holds up in daily use.

I really liked the pale ivory-colored dot-pad paper, 85gsm so it's fountain pen friendly while the dots don't distract me the way lines/grids can. 

But what I really liked was the way this notepad is set up inside the cover.  The front cover opens and folds over to reveal a side-glued pad, an easy way to tear out sheets as you use them.  

Here's a side view of the Fabriano, and I have to say I'm really liking this idea.  Sometimes perforated paper gets stuck, or rips, but glued notepads are ideal for that.

No bleed through with either gel ink or fountain pens, making this great for double sided writing.  The paper is 100% TCF (Totally Chlorine Free), acid free with alkaline reserve for a long life, and is made from forests managed according to strict environmental standards.  Green, attractive, and inexpensive ($4.99), there are 8 colors and two sizes (A4 and A5) to choose from.


  1. How do you manage to find all the coolest things? Love this, now I'm going to have to go out and find one. : )

  2. Agreed. You find the coolest things. Love the color. I hear Utrecht carries them but there is no Utrecht here in Austin :( Bummer.

  3. Today's Thanksgiving Day in the States. I'm thankful for Diane and the other folks in our writing community--a good group of people. Jack/Youngstown

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