Friday, March 9, 2012

December-in-March Carnival

Last night I was checking my emails and was somewhat dumbfounded when I saw about 30 that were for the December 2011 Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper that I hosted on December 6. Back at the time I was wondering why no one had submitted anything, but decided that with the Holidays at hand people were too busy. Then when the Carnival came out, several people emailed and asked if I could include posts they had already submitted but which hadn't gotten to me. Now I know why--and in addition to the original emails I also received duplicates, which explains why my inbox was so full.

Here is the December 2011 Carnival part deux, with some great new posts. Keeping in mind that all giveaways have concluded, so entering, like resistance to the Borg, is futile.

Millie presents the Clairefontaine roadbook.

Check out Steven's custom-made desk organizer and his review of the TWSBI inkwells.

Economy Pens has a holiday gift guide, a review of the Alvin Penstix, and a Zebra in Tul(le).

TonyB reviews the Pilot Frixion Retractable.

Clement Dionglay reviews the Quo Vadis Keith Haring Artist Series notebook.

Sandra Strait, aka molossus, looks at two of my favorite notepads: the Rhodia dotPad No. 16 and the Rhodia "R" No. 16.

EuroPaper has a post about Penmanship and Calligraphy.

Tom Lynch reviews the Pilot Falcon, one of my favorite fountain pens.

Dowdyism reviews the Stainless Steel Sharpie and the Marvy LePen in Oriental Blue.

Julie (Okami) looks at the Franklin-Christoph Penvelope 6.

Yosef has a post about Peanut & Chicken Penne inspired by Pad Thai.


  1. Thanks for including me! weirdly, I've had a few emails overnight from carnivals I'd submitted to months ago. I think the carnival website might have got confused for a while!

  2. Well it's nice to know that I am not the only one. I received the confirmation for my entry to that carnival last night.

  3. You're awesome Diane!
    Thanks for including me in the post!

    Tom, NYC