Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pentel EnerGel Needle Point Liquid Ink Pen

Many thanks to Brad and JetPens for sending me this Pentel EnerGel needle point liquid ink pen, which writes like a dream.

I love the true blue color of the ink, which does dry fast. There's something elegant about needle point tips the longer I look at one, although I can find them at times a bit disconcerting on first sight. I like how regular pen tips taper from the section down to the ball of the tip, and needle points seem strange and spiky.

I find myself looking for my needle point pens now because they are great for writing in really tiny spaces such as marking errata on knitting charts, which I've been doing a lot of lately--both knitting and catching mistakes in the pattern. With little space in the book for making changes, needle point tips are essential for correcting these errors and making notes. So the 0.5mm width of this tip seems quite good for what I need, but a 0.4mm or even 0.3mm would be great as well (if only EnerGel pens came with those tips!).

Definitely take a look when you're mulling over your next order from JetPens (I was looking at all of these items just the other day, someone got a great haul of goodies!)


  1. I think that pen you got is actually the Energel Euro Needle Point (, which actually does come in .35mm. I have the .35mm model and it writes awesome!

  2. It is, and I bought the .35 a few days ago. I thought I would like the thinner lines, but there aren't many pens I would like to be under .5. I'm in the process of doing some pen reviews for my site, that being one of them.

    It's sweet that you got a free pen to review.

  3. A good "intro to writing gear" pen to suggest to a colleague or friend trapped in the stick pen and scratchy pencil world. Not so exotic as an FP, and much more available. I agree, Diane, the needle tip looks fragile, but isn't, at least in my experience with the similar Pilot Precise V5 and V7.


  4. My honey is not a pen junkie like I am. Or at least he wasn't until we got together. Now he found these energy gel pens only he likes the 1.0 capped ones. I just bought 3 of them for him from He like the way they right and the darkness of the ink.