Monday, October 17, 2011

Uni-ball Jetstream 3 Color Multi Pen @JetPens

Many thanks to Brad, Pen Addict and JetPens marketing whiz, for generously feeding my habit for new pens by sending me a Uni-ball Jetstream 3 Color multi to review. This one is has a navy colored body with a pink clip and plunger, something I know will stand out among all my other gel ink pens.

I have several Jetstreams in my pen holder, including a different style of 3 pen multi and my favorite retractable ballpoint. Pictured above is the navy/pink Jetstream multi next to the RT ballpoint, a nice comparison of the multi's dimensions.

This Jetstream comes apart in the middle of the barrel, revealing the blue, black, and red ink refills. Uni-ball gel inks are a proprietary formula, and really do glide across the paper. While this has 0,7mm refills, a medium-large width, you can also purchase 0.5mm refills and try out various other brands to see if they fit or have different colors. In this case, I'm quite taken by the brightness of their red, which has some yellow in it and really stands out. The clip is big and solid, and also stands out.

The Jetstream 3 Color Multi is a good looking gel ink multi pen, writes very well, and comes in an assortment of colors. Do take a look when you're at JetPens, particularly if you are interested in a multi pen.


  1. I'll take a look! Good review.

  2. I never warmed to multipens--probably my loss. But, I've been using black and red dry-erase markers duct-taped together, their fiber tips opposite each other, and they're useful. Anyone know if a fiber-tipped multipen exists?

    Thanks for the review, Diane.


  3. hmm thanks for feeding my pen addiction with your reviews... though to be honest i've been eyeing this.. hopefully the refills will fit my zebra clip *fingers crossed*