Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper

The Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper is a monthly traveling blog carnival that highlights the past month's best reviews, posts, pictures, musings, and raves about pens, pencils, journals, notebooks, paper, and the other paraphernalia that make life worth scribbling about.

Founded by Nifty of Notebook Stories, this January 2011 edition (which I'm very pleased to host) is the 18th in the series. You can find past, present, and future Carnival information and submission guidelines here.

And a big thank you to C., my co-worker and fellow fountain pen collector, for making the January banner.


I loved Amy's review of the Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen at The Pen Addict, definitely check it out.


Margana at Inkophile has a great post on the ink blotter, definitely a dirty little secret in more ways than one. Great writing is partly the pen, partly the hand holding it, and partly the blotting process, as she shows in this post.


While I've heard of Retro 51 I can't say I've used any of their pens, but OfficeSupplyGeek has a review of their Tornado Deluxe Bamboo Rollerball Pen (and what a cute Panda engraving!).

Brian at Goulet Pens gives the new Noodler's Flex Nib fountain pen a pretty thorough work out, using the instant-classic ink Black Swan in Australian Roses.

From PencilWrap we have a bevy of Bic Markers (go for the review, stay for the really nice handwriting).

Lady Dandelion shows off 11 italics in her collection as well as more beautiful handwriting, and makes a number of very good points about the way we write with different nibs (my Parker Latitude stubby italic slows me down, while my EF and F "plain" nibs speed me up and make my writing...interesting).

Bleubug found this Lady Dandelion post on nib width just as intriguing: "I like this post because it reminds us of the different width's strengths and has some nice comparison shots. " Definitely!

Here's a great post from Alex at EconomyPens on a stunning duo: the Lamy Safari with a 1.1mm calligraphy nib and Noodler's La Couleur Royal ink.

Seize the Dave also does a quick test drive of the Noodler's flex fountain pen and the Black Swan in Australian Roses ink (Dave's script is amazingly beautiful as always). And check out his review of Diamine's Monaco Red (that is a beautiful color).

Cheryl at Writer's Bloc did a really great review of the STAEDTLER pen's Dry Safe feature, putting triplus pens (one of my favorites) to the test.

Snarky's Machine over at Does This Pen Write? reviews the EXECUTIVE STYLE 4-in-1 pen.

Julie as Whatever reviews these awesome Quiver Pen Holders, they look incredible and are stylish as well. And then there's her review of the new Edison Mina pens--wow (and a hat's off to Brian at Edison Pen Co. as well)!

Keith at Penned House reviews the Parker 51, in this case a pen owned by one of his grandparents and still in excellent condition (his grandmother was a fountain pen saleslady in a Singapore department store--now there's some history). And check out his search for suitable stationery.

Writing and Scribbling reviews J. Herbin's reddish-brown Terre de Feu ink, and do take a look at the link to Waterman Havana in the post. There's also a visit to Paper-Papier, giving a nice review of the store and it's many wares (including some awesome store bags).

Finally, Lito Apostolakou sent in this post from Palimpsest on Alizarine Ink with recipe and famous author (Nietzsche) included. There's also a recipe for Ink Cocktails, so do stop by and take a look.


Scription shows off the Ain Stein pencil lead (the punch line for the name is in the second paragraph, love it!). Then head over to Dave's Mechanical Pencils for a longer review.

I've been following the re-launch of the Blackwing pencil, and thought I'd just post this blog for anyone interested in Palomino's effort.


Why keep a journal? Well, Snarky's Machine has a list of 10 reason's why you'll be cooler if you do.

Chris of Pens'nPaper reviews the 2011 Exacompta Prestige Journal 21 Daily Planner and includes lots of pictures of all the extras that come with this planner (for the picky at heart, it's a treat!)

Zequenz Notebooks, which are as flexible as kittens but easier to write on, gets a great post at Journaling Arts.

Lauren, formerly of Pennington-on-Paper, has a new blog (unhalfbricking) and an introspective post on journaling that's a lovely read.

Katie of Orange Circle Studio sent in this introduction to the new Edgewise Journals.


Derek submitted a lot of great reviews, so I'm giving him his own set up on the Carnival midway.

The Blue-Black Platinum Preppy

Parker Quink Blue-Black Ink

Antique Store Finds (lucky dog!)

1967 Parker 45 Pen

Noodler's Zhivago ink

Sharpie Pens

Pilot Plumix (nice pics!)


I love to read lists of favorites (it's like looking over someone's shoulder as they read or write), and Inkophile's Favorites for 2010 was no exception.

Brad at The Pen Addict has his Top 10 Pen Reviews posted, definitely a must read before heading out to Staples or Office Depot (or wherever you buy your supplies).

Tom at Goldspot Pens also has a Best of 2010 list with the Top 5 Pen Reviews of the year

Another Best of 2010 list is from Dave's Mechanical Pencils.

From the OfficeSupplyGeek is a Top 10 Office Supply Reviews List (number 1 is and isn't a surprise).

And here's the 2010 list from Inkyjournal with some great pics.

Finally, here's Heather at A Penchant for Paper, her 2010 list includes one of my favorite journals--the new Rhodia unlined webbie.

Bleubug guest blogs at Rhodia Drive with a post about marks on paper (watermarks, wax and stamps, seals). I know how TAO feels, I love the marks on those green and white rectangles, the one with the funny $ signs and pictures, and the pyramid with the eye.


I do admire people who submit to any Carnival that comes along no matter what the topic, as it takes a lot of nerve. For your reading "pleasure" I give you:

Personal Cents on Saving Money at the Grocery Store.

Erica and her 50 Best Free E-Books for Your Business Education from Online Marketing Degree.

Andrew's post at his ComboInk Blog about inkjet cartridges for your printer.


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