Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pilot Hi-Tec-C 05 in Elegance Pink

If you've ever seen Top Gear on BBC America you basically know the theme: 3 middle-aged men talking and test-driving cars. On the Top Gear special where the three lads drive the length of Vietnam in 8 days, their transportation was motorbikes which left one of them in a week-long foul mood. So he played a number of pranks on his two companions, one involving crushing a camo-colored bike helmet and then offering a replacement-in shiny, sparkly pink--all the while explaining that color was purely a cultural phenomenon and in Vietnam pink was the color of a warrior. Snicker, wink, snicker..

No matter how much we may object, pink is for girls and always will be whether it's lipstick or gel ink pens. But if you want a pink that isn't your usual pale, frail, pink then what to do? Well, check out Pilot Hi-Tec-C, where you'll find the 05 gel ink pen in Elegance Pink from the the Cosmetic Colors (!) line. It's a very dark pink, not necessarily hot pink but definitely a strong color that might have a touch of blue in it.

Like all the Hi-Tec gel ink pens, this one writes smoothly, while the 05mm is my favorite line width. Looking at the color next to the Hi-Tec Strawberry, the Elegance Pink definitely looks dark with a blue tinge to it. The Muji Plum in the accompanying pic looks pale and a tad washed out next to these two strong colors. So Elegance Pink is a perfect dark pink that doesn't yell out to the world "I still dot my i's with tiny hearts."


  1. Pink is for girls? Not anymore. I'm happy to report that in recent years pink has made its appearance in boys T-shirts and other gear as well. So if cool boys wear it, why not write with it?

  2. I LOVE writing with pink ink!