Thursday, February 11, 2010

Uni-Ball Vision Exact

This seems to be a pen week for me, as I was looking through my case sorting out different gel inks and rollerballs. The Uni-Ball Vision Exact is a nice-looking pen, fun and contemporary. The cap and end of the barrel are the same matte plastic color so when it's posted there is one long line of color. The 0.7mm needle point glides nicely and the ink flow is smooth. The blue ink seems to be lighter than most blues I've used, making it a bit more distinct in the crowd of gel ink pens It's a looker of a pen and writes well, a great addition to your collection.


  1. How does the tactile sensation compare to the Jetstream line? (I love them, but they're a bit bold for my pocket moleskin's that I use for poetry and lyrics, etc. Sometimes I go to transcribe the words to my computer and cant' read it!)

  2. The Vision Exact looks very much like the Uniball eye Needle Point. Mines a rich green which writes well.