Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Whoa! De Atramentis Ink By A Different Name

Just saw this at XFountainPens.com, they are offering Architekt Ink made by "De Atremis" of Germany--it's De Atramentis ink, at an amazingly low price. 

I know the Kermesin Red is one of the Historic Persons inks, Mark Twain, while the Oriental Red is Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle.  I don't see Sherlock Holmes (Night Blue), but there are others you can try to match up.

They also have Archival, Document, and Registrar's inks, what a great line up!


  1. If I understand it correctly, De Atramentis manufactured ink under other brand names in Germany. I have a bottle of ocher ink that has the same top-hat bottle, but marketed for Manufactum, a chain-store in Germany.

  2. That's really good to know, many thanks. I'm wondering how De Atramentis retailers, like Goulet Pens online and the Art Brown store in NYC feel about this. They carry De Atramentis, and sell at full price. Here's the same ink, same bottle, almost the same label, for a few dollars less.