Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sun-Star Belt Type Pen Jacket Review

Color didn't come out right, this isn't really tomato red
JetPens has some new pen cases from Sun-Star that interested me, pen jackets in two flavors: belt type and magnet type. The one I thought I'd do best with is the belt type, and with a few clicks of the mouse a Wine Red belt type pen jacket was in hand and ready for action.

I like that the back loop can be tightened, so it will fit easily on different journals
 This is a slim case, which appeals to me, and is made of a lightweight, textured nylon fabric. The belt type has a removable, adjustable elastic band that slips over the outside of a journal or notebook, so you can carry your favorite pens and have them at the ready when you need to write. There's also a small loop at the top, so you can the case take off the band and clip it on something.
Above I'm testing it on a Rhodia webbie, and like the way it looks. The Pen Jacket doesn't hold a lot of pens, and at first it seemed small--too small to hold my fountain pens. But when I put a few of my thicker pens inside, they fit perfectly and with enough space so the pens weren't rubbing against each other.

The case measures 5.7 inches by 1.8 inches, and is very lightweight. There's a slide closure loop on the front that was just a little awkward for me, no big deal and likely due to first-time klutziness rather than a problem with the Pen Jacket. The main thing is that the pens are secure and won't fall out, something I've had a problem with on my roll-style cases (surprising to me, as the cases have a flap to put over the pens that keeps them in place).

Since my usual daily arsenal includes a fountain pen, I added my Ohto Dude as well as a Uni-ball Signo retractable to the case. Both pens have a pretty wide diameter, but there was no problem. The Pen Jacket is nicely made, the stitching is sturdy without being too tight and pulling on the cloth. I like the black lining they added to the closure flap, and think this is a great addition to my pen case collection.

The belt type Sun-Star Pen Jacket will hold regular-sized pens (I'd say something in the Hi-Tec-C range) or two wider pens. Definitely a winner, and the price isn't outrageous. Check out the other colors, and take a look at the Magnet Type if you're looking for a new pen case.

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