Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Circular Copper Paper Clips

I've been using gold paper clips for a long time, enjoying the way the color looks next to white paper as well as standing out in the midst of regular steel gray clips. Different types of clips are interesting to me, and so I was thrilled to get this small gift from frequent commenter and guest post author Jack/Youngstown of circular copper paper clips.

Jack's note along with the clips pointed out that while New York City offers so much, there might be a few things that are harder to find. And it's funny, but I don't recall seeing these paper clips in any of the stationery stores I frequent. Even more funny because they are sold by A&W Products of Port Jervis, NY, not very far from the city so you would think they'd be everywhere in Manhattan and the other boroughs.

The clips seem almost Celtic pagan in their design, as if someone just dug them up from a bog or burial site. They look great next to white paper, and there are two colors in the box of 50: regular copper color and a darker grayish color that looks a tad like pewter. Stylish, decidedly different, and fun as well--these will add some interest to my paperwork in the future.


  1. I've seen these in catalogs and they have always intrigued me. They seem like they might hold the paper better than a regular clip.

    I also like the gold clips. And I also have some colored/striped clips that are fun to use.

  2. Copper's pretty cool, Diane--glad you like it.:) Jack/Youngstown

  3. BTW-even commonplace desk products (like paper clips) are differentiable by material, design, price, quality of manufacture, etc.

    Try a 1/4 lb. box of Alliance Pale Crepe Gold rubber bands, e. g. Alliance goes on about "greatest tensile strength & elasticity", "greater memory or retention value", ergonomic correctness, that Pale Crepe exceeds Federal specs for rubber bands (?!), etc. Funny things is--they're right. It really is a better rubber band. Thanks again, Diane. Jack/Youngstown

  4. I love anything that can make mundane office work look better :) I will keep an eye open for those!


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