Friday, May 28, 2010

Padfolio Hack

One of the more interesting customer giveaways at the National Stationery Show came from Independent Greetings, specializing in on-demand printing. As my friend C's small company does some specialized card printing, she took a number of their samples and I also received one of their padfolios--a medium-sized orange vinyl book with a notepad on one side, a Uni-ball fine point pen in the middle, and sample cards in an accordion on the other side.

Looking it over, I realized that one of my favorite notepads might just fit into this. So I found one, played around with it and found that a Rhodia No. 16 pad will fit quite nicely. That the padfolio is a dark orange with black trim and elastic enclosure is a bonus, matching the Rhodia colors quite nicely. Definitely a keeper, so my thanks to Independent!


  1. Very neat! And the plastic enclosure is such a bonus. I can find a thousand uses for that. Thanks for sharing

  2. It would be kind of neat if Rhodia "borrowed" the idea and came out with their own! The plastic band is what really makes this great, thanks for commenting. :)