Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kuretake Brush Writer Blendable Color Pen

JetPens has an assortment of brush pens that have long fascinated me, so with a recent order I decided to add a Kuretake Brush Writer Blendable Color Pen in Persian Blue. I loved the color, and thought I'd have some fun trying out this brush pen.

Back in April, I wrote about the Kuretake Bimoji felt tip brush pen noting that it wrote quite smoothly and didn't bleed through the Rhodia paper. In addition, it looked like a traditional wooden brush pen with a faux plastic finish. The Kuretake Brush Writer is just as nice--great color, fun to play with, the calligraphy brush pen uses a water-based ink, and there's no bleed through with Rhodia paper. It's a very wet brush, like a wet fountain pen nib, and so lots of color comes down the tip making controlling the width of the line difficult. As one of it's features is to blend the color, I'll have to purchase a few more (there are 24 colors in all) and see how they work together. But the Persian Blue color is awesome, and I can see this making a fantastic calligraphy pen using this color.