Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pilot Hi-Tec-05 with Strawberry Ink

Pilot never ceases to amaze with their many Hi-Tec variations: Hi-Tec, Hi-Tec-C, Hi-Tec-C-Cavalier, and this one that I've been doodling with: the Hi-Tec-05. It's a .05mm tip, which I like a lot (nice wide line) but the Strawberry ink is what makes it fun. Not as red as a real strawberry, more like cherry pink, but the ink in the barrel and the colored plastic ends means this pen will never get lost on my desk. And now that I think about it, the pen is much less likely to be "borrowed" and casually left on the colleague's desk. A conspicuous pen is hard to walk away with, much less use in front of a grieving, de-penned co-worker.

There's one thing I did notice right away, large the needle point tip and ball are on this .05mm tip. The pic up top isn't very clear, but you can see the 05 compared to my Hi-Tec-C in Usuzumi (light grey ink), which is .04mm. The 05 is noticeably bigger, and there's a sturdiness to the point that I find lacking in the Usuzumi. But YMMV, and it's really the colors that make these fun.