Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The 100 Year Diary

Here's another unusual item from Charles & Marie, My Life Story. It's a 100 year diary for you to record the events of your lifetime. While there's no indication of how many pages, the size is 9"x7"x3" (23 x 17 x 7 cm) and it costs $65.

My Life Story will help you to remember the special moments in your life, the people you have loved, the friends you have made, the places where you have lived and those you have traveled to. You can record your achievements as well as your skills, make a note of favorite films/books/music/people and write down all your ambitions and things you want to do before you die. A map of the world and one of your body is included and can be filled in as you choose. Every year you can write about what important things are happening in your life and include photos and memorabilia...

To make it easy to start, it comes with a couple of chapters, the rest is for you to fill in.

Topics are:

* about me... facts about yourself

* world map... where you have lived and travelled to

* education... your schools and qualifications

* awards and achievements... prizes, medals, trophys

* useful and useless skills... all the skills you have learnt in life

* jobs... places you have worked

* 50 things to do before you die... your own life ambitions

* homes... where you lived and who with and a few others which we won't mention here...